Discreet And Professional Defense Of Criminal Cases

Our most successful cases are the ones you never hear about.

Defending You Against Criminal Charges In Ohio

The best thing you can say about your lawyer is that nobody knew that you needed one. At McNamara & McNamee, our most successful cases are the ones you never heard about. Our clients include business owners, professionals, college students, nurses and others. From our law office in Columbus, we represent clients throughout Ohio.

Many of our clients have never faced criminal charges before. No matter what charges you face, our goal is to resolve your case without the stigma and publicity of a criminal conviction whenever possible. In today’s world of criminal background checks for everything from job applications to applying for a home mortgage, no one wants to go through life with a criminal conviction on their record.

Criminal Defense

Our attorneys defend people accused of all types of criminal offenses, including driving under the influence, theft, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Drunk Driving

If you face OVI charges in Ohio, our lawyers will work to minimize the criminal and civil consequences and protect your driving privileges.

Federal Charges

Federal charges carry a threat of significant penalties. You may face years in prison and/or heavy fines for something you didn’t know was a crime.

Drug Charges

There is no such thing as a minor drug offense.  A conviction can affect your employment, your eligibility for student loans, your housing choices and more.

Assault Charges

The standard in Ohio for “serious physical harm” is very low.  As a result, you could face felony charges if the other person needed medical treatment.

Protecting You From The Collateral Consequences Of An Arrest

Criminal charges come with collateral damages that can be devastating to your career, your reputation and your family. These collateral damages are often more serious than criminal punishments such as fines, restitution and possible jail time.

Nobody wants their reputation, their standing in the community and their family to be tarnished by criminal accusations. Our goal is to resolve your criminal charges quietly, professionally and effectively.

The Experience You Need

With more than 50 years of combined criminal defense experience in Ohio and federal courts, attorneys Dennis W. McNamara and Colin E. McNamee understand how to create the strongest possible defense against state and federal criminal charges.

Know Your Rights

If you become the target of a criminal investigation, you have the right to remain silent and seek legal counsel. At no time in your life is this right more important.

Make Your Next Step The Right One

We offer private consultations to discuss your case. You should talk to an experienced defense lawyer before you discuss the charges with anyone else.  Call 614-464-2770 or complete our email form to schedule your consultation.

Our law office is conveniently located in Capitol Square in the Keybank building in Columbus, Ohio. Valet, street and lot parking are available.

We represent individuals in Municipal, Common Pleas and Federal Courts throughout Ohio.