Ohio residents like you who are facing the possibility of conviction for a DWI-related crime may be offered the possibility of taking a plea bargain. If that option is available, you may be wondering if you should take it. We at McNamara & McNamee are here to help answer that question.

First of all, plea bargains can benefit you in numerous ways. For example, if you go to court, it is possible for other people to look at the court records as they are public. Your court battle may be revealed to a much wider audience than you anticipate, leading to your DWI-related charges haunting you in other areas of your life. Plea bargains may allow you to avoid the drawn-out process of a court battle as well, which saves time and money.

There is also the fact that a plea bargain is a good offer if you or your attorney truly believe that there is no getting around the charge itself. If you think that you are likely to face charges with a high chance of conviction, you may want to consider taking a plea bargain after carefully looking over its terms. Though it’s true that some plea bargains may not seem worth taking, there are others that may ultimately benefit you more than hurt you in the end.

If you are currently facing charges for DUI related crimes, consider taking a look at our web page on DWI-related issues, linked here. You can learn more about what you may be facing in court and how to deal with it.