At your previous employer in Ohio, it was discovered that you were charged with theft and as a result, you lost your job. Now you face an uncertain future as you seek new employment with a charge on your record. When you approach your future with optimism and resolve to be honest and sincere, you may be able to effectively put your past behind you and continue toward your goal of achieving a successful career. 

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do is make restitution to the people or entities that were affected by your behavior. When you are given legal consequences, be timely and proactive in taking responsibility so you can move forward as quickly as possible. When you act professionally and respectfully toward the people you are required to report to, you can begin working right away to repair your reputation and prove to the people around you that you are sincere about not making the same mistakes again. 

According to, one way that you can support your endeavor to get a new job is by acquiring positive recommendations from people who know you. In fact, depending on the relationship you had with your previous employer, you may be able to get them to agree to write a neutral recommendation where they discuss your hard work ethic and other positive attributes. Never ask someone to lie about your charges. Rather, ask people who care about you and know that you have the potential to be better to write recommendations that focus on your competencies and skills. 

With a collection of recommendations that describe you as a person who can be a valuable asset to potential employers, you may be able to help hiring managers to see past your theft charge and into your ability to provide support to their organization.