When Ohio authorities charge you with operating a vehicle impaired and that charge winds up leading to a conviction, you should anticipate your wallet taking a serious hit in the aftermath. Unfortunately, OVI convictions tend to cost Ohio offenders a substantial amount of money once you factor in fines, potential substance abuse treatment requirements and similar expenditures, and the OVI-related expenses typically do not stop there.

According to Insure.com, your car insurance premiums are undoubtedly going to increase by a significant amount in the wake of an OVI conviction. Just how much of an uptick should you expect to see in your annual auto insurance bill?

A 62% rate increase

The average first-time OVI offender in Ohio watches his or her annual insurance costs increase by about 62% after a conviction. To put this in terms of dollars and cents, most Ohio motorists who do not have OVIs shell out about $959 every year for auto insurance. After that 62% increase, though, this number climbs to $1,553, which is a difference of nearly $600 dollars a year.

Long-lasting implications

Just how long after a drunk driving conviction might you expect to have to pay this higher rate for auto insurance? OVI convictions are ineligible for expungement, and your conviction may stay on your record forever. However, the records viewable by your auto insurer typically only go back about three years.

Paying more than you have grown accustomed to for car insurance is often difficult, and you may also find that you have trouble finding an insurer that is going to extend your insurance coverage at all once you have an OVI conviction. Thus, it may benefit you to shop several different insurers if you are hoping to find the lowest possible rate.