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Safeguarding Your Future After A Drug Charge

Legislative and public sentiment toward marihuana use may be relaxing across the country; however, individuals can still grapple with serious consequences after they’ve been arrested or charged with a drug crime. If you are facing a misdemeanor or felony drug charge in Ohio, you could face mandatory jail time, as well as collateral damage in terms of employment, housing and loss of eligibility for student loans.

If the police came to your home or business with a Search Warrant, it is important to contact us immediately.

At McNamara & McNamee - Attorneys at Law, we believe that your future should not be dictated by a past failure in judgment. Whether you are facing drug possession or a serious trafficking charge, our lawyers have the skills to address this matter so that you can move on with your life. Our Columbus criminal defense firm has discretely handled complex drug and other criminal cases for clients throughout Ohio.

Helping You Resolve Complex Drug Offense Matters Effectively

With over five decades of combined experience in criminal defense, our attorneys know how to resolve complex drug offense matters with discretion. We take an aggressive approach to challenge investigations, arrests or charges related to:

  • Marihuana and Synthetic Marihuana
  • Illegal Cultivation of Marihuana and Marihuana Growing
  • Cocaine and Crack
  • Heroin and Fentanyl (Opioids)
  • Ecstasy and MDMA (Molly)
  • Methamphetamine
  • Trafficking in Drugs and Aggravated Trafficking
  • Possession of Controlled Substances and Aggravated Possession
  • Permitting Drug Abuse
  • Illegal manufacture of Drugs
  • Corrupting Another with Drugs
  • Deception to Obtain Dangerous Drugs
  • Counterfeit Controlled Substances
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Drug Abuse Instruments
  • Illegally obtained or dispensed/sold prescription drugs

Ohio has stiff mandatory penalties that include mandatory prison time for individuals convicted of possessing large quantities of drugs or with possession of a firearm in connection with a drug charge.

What You Need to Know About Transporting Marihuana Across State Lines

Michigan laws now permit recreational marihuana use, but Ohio legislators have yet to take this step. If you bring marihuana into Ohio, you could be charged with a crime, even if you bought it legally in another jurisdiction.

Possession of small quantities is a minor misdemeanor offense, but transporting it and/or possessing large amounts can result in criminal charges with mandatory penalties. Ohio’s Highway Patrol Troopers are vigilant about enforcing the law, keeping a watchful eye on motorists entering the state from Michigan.

If you are pulled over by a State Trooper or local law enforcement, do not answer questions without legal representation. We are ready to help you protect your rights during questioning and at all stages of the criminal process.

Experience is critical when you have been charged with a drug offense violation of any level. We have an intimate understanding of the criminal procedures in Municipal, Common Pleas and Federal Courts throughout Ohio. We utilize this insight and our knowledge of the law to streamline the criminal process, secure reductions and help clients avoid mandatory sentences.

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