Why You Shouldn’t Talk To Law Enforcement Officers

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Questioned By Law Enforcement? Keep Quiet.

Enduring police interrogation is stressful regardless of your legal situation. Whether you have been approached by law enforcement with a Search Warrant at your home or in public during a traffic stop, it is critical to act respectfully and provide minimal information when you interact with officers.

Exercise your right to remain silent. It may protect your future and your reputation.

At McNamara & McNamee - Attorneys at Law, we have defended many high-profile professionals who have been charged after they submitted to questioning without legal representation. Our lawyers are skilled criminal defense attorneys with an impressive record of success in and out of Ohio’s Courts. You can rely on us to protect your best interests when you are facing a criminal legal matter.

3 Reasons to Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

Many people are incarcerated because they talked to law enforcement. Although you may want to share your part of the story to demonstrate your innocence, keeping quiet can help you avoid unnecessary complications.

Here’s why:

Police can lie to you and pretend to have evidence they do not have. They may say they are giving you a chance to explain the situation, but in reality, they are giving you a chance to provide evidence that could result in your arrest and/or conviction.

What you say to law enforcement can be taken out of context and used to build a case against you. You can damage your credibility at trial if you misremember information when you are speaking to police and attempt to correct your version of events later.

Lying to a law enforcement officer during an investigation is a crime. You could face serious fines and penalties if charged and convicted of Obstruction of Justice.

Police officers do not have the authority to reduce or drop criminal charges. Prosecutors do. Our attorneys have spent decades cultivating professional relationships with lawyers across the aisle. We leverage this background to secure favorable outcomes for our clients.

Know Your Options Before You Talk to The Police. Get Help Today.

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